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Thread: Replace valve buttons

  1. Replace valve buttons

    Greetings! I am looking to buy a Dolce, but do they really have dragons on the valve buttons? Do you know where to buy affordable replacements? Could I use buttons for the Yamaha 642? Should I replace the whole button, including the metal base in which the top is set, or is it ok to replace just the pearl top? Thanks for the help!!

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    When I ordered a tuba from Wessex I was able to ask them to substitute their old-style finger buttons with "pearls" for the fancy Wessex finger buttons. I don't like the texture of the engraving under my fingers. I'm not sure if they still have them or not. Not sure if Yamaha would fit, but I suspect standard Jin Bao finger buttons is what you're looking for. You can't just add "pearls" to the Wessex buttons as they are a different shape and don't have the recessed area for the inlay.

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    The engraved Wessex wivern is not of everyone's taste.... But it has at least one advantage... It makes the button tops just slightly grippier than a slick polished surface. I must say that having used horns with flat polished brass buttons, and buttons with wooden inlays, I have grown to appreciate the slightly grippy feel of the textured Wessex wivern under my fingertips.

    On the other hand, it is nice that Wessex is willing to offer some options to the default rampant dragon.

    Saluti, Guido
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    I have both a Wessex Dolce and a Yamaha 642 Neo and can say the Yamaha valve buttons DO definitely fit the Dolce. I too was not a big fan of the dragon texture, so ordered a set of 642 Neo. Now whether the 642 and 642 Neo are the same, my guess is yes, am I positively sure, no.

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    Hello Nbnarcisi, I am curious.... How much did the Yamaha 642 Neo button cost, and from where did you order them?

    Regards, Guido
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    Yamaha seems to be selling what appear to be generic Yamaha euphonium finger buttons on Amazon.
    Gary Merrill
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    Mouthpiece Express is where, about $10 each. Click on Yamaha parts on their left menu, then click on euphonium/baritone, then click on 642 Neo, may still have in stock.

    What Gary says is true, just not sure if 642 and 642 Neo are the same thread.

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    Thank you Nick and Gary for the info!!! G.
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    Trpt - Adams A4 LB
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  9. Thank you all! That's exactly what I needed.

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    If this can serve:
    I replaced the valve buttons of my JP 373 baritone ( the originals were top small and slipped from the fingers) with those of the Besson Prestige ( purchased by Dawkes music). I had to redo the stems too ( they were a single body with the valve buttons).
    Good job, Now they're perfect for me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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