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Thread: Please... Just tell me what to buy!

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    Most people don't clean their valves every day. When I was playing tuba regularly (and using either Alisyn or Yamaha synthetic oil) I'd clean or wipe them down maybe once a week. Most trombone players don't clean their hand slides even once a week. I typically go a couple of weeks between partial or full cleanings. Again, that's with synthetic lubricants. It may depend on what lubricant you use, and maybe on the viscosity.

    I'm sure there are as many opinions on this as there are on valve oils.
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    I work in a medical lab and have ample experience with Kimwipes; I do not recommend them for valve cleaning. They would leave a 'lint' residue where they would catch on the openings if used for that purpose.


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    Not sure where to put this, but since we were talking about biofilm and valve oil. So I just thoroughly cleaned my horn last Sunday, Scrubbed out all the biofilm and stuff. Today, found out biofilm has clogged my main tuning slide's water key, and quite a few large bits of film in my valves. Bleh.

    Also,I've been using Hetmann slide gel, seems like it dried up fast too? Having trouble removing my slides after just greasing them on Sunday.
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    Noob here.
    Just wanted to say thanks for this forum and post. I also haven’t played for 15 years since getting out of the Marine Corps bands back in 2003. I also have decided to start playing again and getting my chops back into me, they are older, flabby, and don’t get much exercise since leaving the Corps...

    I have been bashing my head against a euphonium-less wall for awhile now trying to figure out how to get a decent non-entry level euphonium without breaking the bank. I’ve even contacted my old Marine band buddies, but none of them can help with a horn...Then I came upon this forum and this thread in particular.
    So, in short, I have decided to go with the Wessex.

    Thanks for the post and I look forward to conversing with you all!
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    Welcome to the forum and back to playing. Pretty sure you’ll be happy with the Wessex.
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    Hello PastorAtrain... Congratulations for deciding to join the Wessex user famly!

    Wessex currently offers two 4-valve compensated euphoniums.... The front valve Festivo:

    and the top valver Dolce:

    I have adopted the front valve Festivo and am totally happy with it.... But I am confident I would have been equally delighted with Dolce.

    Which model are you more inclined towards?

    Regards, Guido
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    I’ve never used a front valve before, so I’m inclined to use the Dolce. I’ve never played on a Wessex either, but from all the talk about it, I’m sure I will be delighted. The horns that I have played on are:
    High School: some student model. Probably Yamaha.
    Marine Corps: Wilson’s and Hirsbrunner
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  8. PastorAtrain, I wrote a First Impressions review of the Dolce shortly after receiving it. I'm sure it's very different than these professional guys who know everything there is to know about euphoniums would have written, but maybe it will help manage your expectations. Overall, I've been happy with the value I received for the cost, but I probably wish I'd been prepared for a few things.
    Wessex Dolce

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    Thanks Izajmom, I did read it and posted on that thread as well. Awesome review!
    “The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.” -Robert Hughes

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