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Thread: Please... Just tell me what to buy!

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    It's nothing new. One of the basic principles of sales is "Sell them what you have." Having spent increasing concentrations of time in the AI game since at least the mid-80s, I'm all for smart assistive AIs. Unfortunately, many AIs will likely inherit all the bad techniques and habits that the marketing people want them to exhibit. For example, I'm really disturbed by some of the "patter" being used. I just don't know why the NC Dept. of Transportation online "bot" for renewing driver licenses and and vehicle registrations needs to insert "Awesome!" into the conversation when you respond to its questions. They used to have an excellent and efficient UI for doing this (actually, my wife worked on that), and now it's been replaced by a third-party product that sounds like "Chatty Moron". I mean ... just ask me for the information and calculate the cost and take the payment. Don't try to engage me in some demented conversation that would embarrass a 12-year-old. (Insert grumpy old man emoji here.)
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by John Morgan View Post
    Kimberly - I think I really like you!! That is too funny, and unfortunately in many stores, too common. I will have to remember the word "chica" and add this to my vocabulary. I am quite certain it is totally politically incorrect, so I like it more. When you get your new Wessex, please come play in our band!!
    I think I like, as we say in the south, all y'all! I've learned so much already and I enjoy considering all the reasoned opinions. It's refreshing to participate in online discussion that is both bereft of partisan hostility and uses more than 280 characters.

    But I'm not sure you can say "chica" unless you yourself are one. 😆 I'd allow another woman to call me that if her snark was a brand I respected, but I'd probably box the ears of any man saying it regardless of the context. 😂

    As for playing with your band, just tell me when and where and arrange childcare and fund the transportation, and I'm so there!! ...

  3. Incidentally, and I'm really sorry for the digression (well, kinda), but does anyone here remember an old Aaron Sorkin show from 1999-2000 called "Sports Night"? One would say it's about sports in the way Charlie's Angels was about law enforcement. Anyway, every time I read "blue juice," I think of this:

    Dan: What are you doing tonight?
    Casey: Going to sleep.
    Dan: Come out with me.
    Casey: Where?
    Dan: El Perro Fumando.
    Casey: The Smoking Dog.
    Dan: Yes.
    Casey: Why?
    Dan: If you wear something blue, you get $2 off a giant blue margarita.
    Casey: You know, I make a pretty good living. I can actually afford to wear what I want and pay full price.
    Dan: I'm not so much promoting the economic upside of it as I am the opportunity to drink something giant and blue.

    Starts at 0:33

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    I just received my Wessex Dolce, silver with gold accents; good horn at a great price for me. Wish I could afford a much "better horn" as described at length on this forum, but alas....
    I'll get a better mouthpiece and other niceties, but this instrument is a good start. Thanks to Dave Werden and all of you for you comments about the many brands and features of which to be alert.

    Tim Kennedy

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    Congratulations on the new arrival! (Passing out cigars??)

    I'm sure you'll have a fine time getting to know each other.
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    Congratz! Do make a recording of your playing once you get accustomed to the instrument! Would love to listen to it in action!
    "Never over complicate things. Accept "bad" days. Always enjoy yourself when playing, love the sound we can make on our instruments (because that's why we all started playing the Euph)"

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    Sorry that I can't point you in the direction of a Chinese made horn for various reasons. Yamaha, Jupiter and many of the American manufactures make a good horn which most likely is more expensive than a Chinese made instrument. Some of these instruments are made in Twain which in my mind is ok. Even the American manufactures have resorted to farming out their horns and don't list the country of origin. On the plus side, the Chinese made instruments probably are more affordable for the beginning student at a time when music and the arts are at risk in the public schools. I think those of us on the forum need to be aware that music and the arts are at risk in this country and we definitely need to keep our young people involved in music.
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    It became a serious digression but had good discussion, so I moved it to its own thread here:

    Please direct comments on oil or grease to that thread. Thanks!
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
    Alliance Mouthpiece (DC4)
    YouTube: dwerden
    Facebook: davewerden
    Twitter: davewerden
    Instagram: davewerdeneuphonium

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    In response to ChristianeSparkle:
    I play with the Canton (MI) Concert Band and you can access the website to hear our sound. I don't have any personal recordings to share.


  10. Would anyone have a problem using Kimwipes to wipe your valves for routine cleaning?

    Kimtech Science KimWipes Delicate Task Wipers 1-ply 280 count (Pack of 2)

    Laundry is not high on my list of domestic talents. I was looking at a 50 pack of microfiber cloths for ~$18, and thinking I could use one for a week or two, then throw it away, and it'd last 1-2 years. Then I came across these and wondered if they'd be just as good? Is lint free important? These say low lint. I'm just not into washing oily grimey cloths if I don't have to. I already have to contend with poop and snot every day.

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