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Thread: Wessex Tubas Chicago Store?

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    Question Wessex Tubas Chicago Store?

    there was a blog post* on the wessex tubas website a few months ago about them closing their Michigan premises and building a new showroom in Chicago. this was supposed to be happening by december 2018 so i was wondering if anyone here knew anything about it (i've emailed them twice about it and haven't gotten a response yet). i am considering buying a wessex dolce euphonium and i live in southern wisconsin (2ish hours from chicago) so i figured if they had a store in chicago i would (hopefully) be able to:

    1. try it out before making a decision
    2. not have to pay for shipping
    3. not have to worry about it getting damaged in shipping

    if anyone has any information other than what is in the blog post please let me know so i can make a more informed decision about whether i should wait for the store to open, pay the extra $75 to buy it online, or find a different option.


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    Wessex often responds to this forum when they have time. But keep in mind they are a small company and are quite busy now, I assume. This week was/is the NAMM conference in California, which I assume Wessex would attend. And right on the heels of that is the Army Band conference next week. I thought they were scheduled to be moved by now, but I don't know for sure. I also know they have been in China a bit lately.

    Sometimes in situations like this it is helpful to try a different channel. Here is a link to their Facebook page. You could send a message from there and see how it goes.

    They use Facebook a lot, so you might get more prompt attention with a Message there.
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    Thanks for your quick response!
    after reading it it thought i should probably give more context: yesterday was one month after I sent the first email. i'm not going to hold that against them because, as you mentioned, they are a small company and this is a busy time for them, but i'd like to get a new horn within the next month or two. since I've seen how popular wessex seems to be on this forum (i've been on here for a while but just made an account recently), i thought perhaps someone else (who doesn't work for them) would have some information.
    I will try messaging them on facebook but i wouldn't be surprised if it takes awhile for them to get back to me there as well.

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    The fact that the original post is deleted, is probably a bad sign. But for what it's worth, I did find a cached version of the post:

    You may already be aware that we have made the decision to close our premises in Ferrysburg, Michigan, recently.

    This is because we are preparing to launch an even better, and even more exciting offering in Chicago during the next couple of months.

    This new offering will give you, our valued customers in the U.S.A, even more opportunity to try out Wessex’s unrivaled range of brass instruments, whilst experiencing the sheer quality and craftsmanship all for yourself - before you buy.

    Whilst our Michigan premises was an integral part of Wessex for a significant period of time during our development, and a part of our history that we will always hold dear, the opportunity arose for us to improve the services we’re able to offer with the opening of an incredible new showroom in the beautiful city of Chicago.

    This will be only a few minutes from Chicago O’Hare airport and therefore easy to reach from anywhere in the states. We plan to have the whole Wessex range available to see and try in purpose showroom. Furthermore, our shipping to customers - now from our UK warehouse - will be quicker than was possible from Ferrysburg and will cost customers nothing extra.

    We are currently in the process of planning, designing, and finalising the exceptional experience we want you all to have.

    We expect the new showroom to be ready by December 2018, and will keep you updated as the project develops.
    However, in my experience, one does not delete an exciting post like this one unless they expect significant delays and no longer want to get people's hopes up.

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    Where was it deleted? It's still on their website if you use the link i put in my original post.

    Side note: I messaged them on facebook last night at about 7:00 (CST) and it says they read it at this morning but they haven't responded yet :/

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by skorth View Post
    Where was it deleted? It's still on their website if you use the link i put in my original post.
    When I go to the link you provided, the page very briefly flashes with some original text on it, but then it immediately reloads and shows "We're sorry, but the page you're looking for could not be found." Tried loading it on two additional browsers, and also in incognito to rule out cache issues, but the problem persists.

    The rest of the site does not behave like this for me, so I presumed they may have unpublished the post and it is now redirecting to a 404 page. If it's working for others, well... I don't know what to say on that. It definitely behaves strangely for me.

  7. The simple thing is regulatory requirements have delayed opening. We could not even start refurbishing the premises until Wessex Tubas had all the relevant licences and was a registered business in Illinois.

    The premises are now virtually ready, but we are delaying opening until after Washington DC tuba/euphonium conference and TMEA in February - as a lot of the stock will be away being exhibited. The new showroom will be open to visit by appointment (ring 616-843-6888 or email from week starting February 25th.

    The new showroom will be at 344 E. Irving Park Rd, Roselle Commons, Roselle, IL 60172 - which is easily accessible from IL Rte. 19 and is only about 15 minutes from O’Hare airport and a couple hundred yards from Roselle train station. It is also only couple miles from the Holiday Inn Chicago West, Itasca where Wessex has got special beneficial rates for visitors to the showroom to stay. We are working for the new Wessex showroom to be the best place in the world to visit to try tubas and euphoniums.
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