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    I have been playing Euphonium for a few years and I am wondering, I can with some difficulty consistently play up to concert high Bb and C. My question is how can I make these upper notes more comfortable to play and get a more full sound on them? I try and hold long tones on them for a few weeks but haven't felt or heard much improvement. Does anyone have any suggestions for making high range more comfortable as oppose to trying to expand my range?

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    I would start with the exercise below, and work your way up to at least a high Eb. That will give you a properly-supported high range and a little buffer over what you need.

    Once you have a given high note solid, then I would approach the note softly and crescendo once you hit it, and also approach loudly and dim. once you hit it. In order to sound at ease, you need this kind of dynamic control. During the exercise above, I would also suggest you use a strong vibrato on the top note. You don't really "have" the note if you can't add vibrato. When you are first getting up to the note, you may not have the strength to add vibrato. But even when you have the strength built up, it take good control and center to add vibrato without "losing" the note. Once you get truly confident and solid, you can even try to add a lip trill to the top note!

    That should get you started!
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  3. Ok thanks, I will try that.

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