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Thread: Euphonium Shank Sizes

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    I hate to be a random new guy that bumps an old thread, but this info needs to exist. I only just recently learned some of this the hard way. If you have a horn needing an obscure shank size, contact Josef Klier. They've helped me out a lot, and they're getting another big order from me when they get back from vacation. The numbers are as measured from the end of the mouthpiece shank.

    Normal 5% taper sizes that I know of (relevant to Tenor and Bass instruments):

    9.8mm/10mm - German Flugelhorn shank, Alto Horn, Trumpet, etc.
    A real Trumpet mouthpiece will have a tiny wobble in a real 10mm shank receiver. Supposedly, there are French made Alto Trombones with this shank.
    Shout out to the jHorn.

    10.5mm - Large Alto Shank, Large Parforcehorn Shank, Alto/Baroque/Fanfare Trumpet Shank (?)
    This is the shank size for large bore ovalform Althorns, and older Alto Trombones. Very difficult to tell the difference from small tenor unless you compare backbores.
    You can probably find some of the smaller Bb Tenorhorn's in this shank. If you have something that seems to kinda fit a Trumpet or Trombone mouthpiece, it's probably this. Good luck with backbore.

    10.8mm/11mm - Small Tenor Shank

    11.5mm - "Baritone" Shank
    To produce this size, just use Bach 381 "extension" (adapter) on a small shank mouthpiece.
    Supposedly the typical size for European Baritones. Definitely used on the Soviet Tenorhorns. I thought this was just some poorly done 11mm shank until I bought a proper vintage mouthpiece.
    This is NOT Besson medium shank. If you insert a medium shank mouthpiece into an 11.5mm reciever, something is getting damaged.

    12mm - ???
    I bought an Орфей rotary Baritone. Figured it was 11.5mm, but after a lot of measuring and testing, determined it was 12mm. Confirmed with ebay searching that this exists.
    If you have a horn with this receiver, time to bust out the wallet and contact Josef Klier. Medium shank will sort of fit, but it will play like garbage.

    12.5mm - Bass Trombone shank, Large Tenor Trombone shank, Small Tuba shank
    Some people call this tenor trombone shank. Those people might be very young.

    12.65mm - Contrabass Trombone shank, maybe the "other" Bass Trombone shank?

    13mm - ??? (Something uses this)

    13.5mm - Tuba shank.

    Some other stuff:

    6% tapers! I finally got a working measure from a mostly pristine Precision Conn 3A and my Conn 20-I. It's hard to measure taper when you only have digital calipers, crummy instruments, and dented mouthpieces. Hopefully, this is correct this time.

    10.5mm? - I think this is the Olds proprietary shank?
    I never had a mouthpiece in this size, but my 1955ish Trombonium had this proprietary receiver. A 10.5mm mouthpiece worked with some nasty wobble, and an old Conn fit, but stuck out way too far.
    Seriously, if you have a horn with this...just ream it out until it plays in tune with something normal.

    11mm - Small Conn "Remington" Shank
    This is what the old Conn Precision (pre-improved) mouthpieces are using.

    12mm - Besson medium shank, Large Conn "Remington" Shank (AFAIK)
    Fun fact: Really old Eb Tubas also come in this shank, so I manage to own over 20 instruments and none of them have anything larger than 12mm shank.
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