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Thread: dimensions of British baritone cases

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    dimensions of British baritone cases

    I was wondering if one of you would be able to help me on a question I have.

    I'm considering looking for a compact travel horn to fit in a somewhat undersized car trunk, and the 2 most likely options are a compact marching valve trombone or a British baritone.

    Having a British baritone might be an interestng option-- I played a borrowed horn a couple of time years ago-- but I don't know the dimensions of the case.

    Could one of you who own a British baritone, let me know what the case dimensons are.


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    It varies wildly depending on the brand. Smallest I've seen are the Yamaha cases. The case that came with my Neo is 27"x13"x7" flaring to 11" on the bell side. I think the older YBH-301 and 621 cases are the same external size. Besson cases are quite a bit taller and a little thicker. The chinese foam-body cases are much bigger all around. I also have a Packer JPro case I use, which is like a miniature Bona euphonium case, and that seems to be about 28"x16"x8" flaring to 13" on the bell side.

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    Thanks, Barry, that's just the knd of info I need!

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    The case for my besson 955 Sovereign (English made) is 16.5” H x 27” L x 5.5” thick at the bow end and 12.5” thick at the bell end.


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    Throwing down a quick tape on my Wessex BR140, and it is very rounded on every side so give or take some wiggle room, I'm looking at 24" long by 16" wide and then it is 5.5" deep on the small side and about 12" deep on the bell side.

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    Thank, sounds like the Wessex has a reasonably small case.
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