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Thread: Repairing bell and garland

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    Repairing bell and garland

    A bell and garland on a German baritone was damaged in shipping. Do any of you have experience with such repairs? My understanding is that it is very difficult to get the garland to match the bell. I think that have to take the garland off and anneal it separately and work each on a proper mandel and who has one of those for a German baritone. Were the results good? Who would you recommend to do such work? I am in the mid Atlantic.

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    Your understanding of how the bell must be repaired is correct as far as I know. I don't know anyone who would do it, at least not the right way. I think some of the top us-based repair people might be willing to make a wooden mandrel to do the repairs, but I suspect it'd cost a fortune. You might talk to some of the repair people who are known for working on things like old Alex and Miraphone tubas, as this would come up for them.

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    Oberloh in Seattle works wonders with garland horns.

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