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Thread: Wanted: Double Bell 5 valve euphonium

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    Wanted: Double Bell 5 valve euphonium

    I would like to buy a 5 valve double bell euphonium. I am only interested in a 5 valve at this time. Thank you.

  2. Cappy,
    Good Luck with your project.
    I have three 5 valve ones: one from my dad and two I acquired via EBay. Spent several years watching for them.
    Recommend getting as detailed info on condition as you can before purchasing.
    The Conn 30I is generally regarded as one of the more playable Double Bells. The short action valves are wonderful.
    In addition to actual playing condition there is of course the tuning issue.
    Playing with a modern group can be tough. Mine come out mainly for special events.
    Enjoy your search,
    Jim Babbitt
    1960s 4 valve and 1971 3 valve Besson New Standards (Denis Wick 6BM) for regular playing
    1936 Conn 5 valve 30I Double Bell (Bach 6-1/2AL) General Purpose Back -Up
    1924 Buescher 5 valve (the Denis Wick is close) and 1940 Holton 5 valve (Bach 6-1/2AL) Double Bells for kicks.
    1860s OTS Saxhorn when history is required (the Denis Wick fits)

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    Hello Jim, Thank you so much for the great feedback! I really appreciate your input as I am a real novice at this. I played the baritone years ago in school and all my life I have wanted a double bell euphonium. I finally have the funds to do so and recently picked up a 1925 Buescher 4 valve double bell and a 1916 Conn 4 valve double bell. Thought I had a 1941 5 valve double bell Holton bought this week but the seller is suddenly hard to make contact with so looks like it might have fallen through and my search continues. At this point my interest is more as a collector and I hope to slowly relearn the playing aspect. I certainly welcome any feedback I can get concerning double bells. Any thoughts on the York brand of double bell. Thanks again Jim! Cappy

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    Don't forget you can buy new one, compensating even, from Wessex.

    I've heard them play, fits right in.

    One show at a time...

    1966 Besson 181 New Standard highly modified Wick SM4 & 4AL
    1918 Hawkes & Son euph 3&1 original
    1917 Conn C/D/Eb mellophone original
    1915 York Bb tenorhorn original Bach 6.5AL
    1905 DeVries Bb saxhorn restored Bach 5GS

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    Thank you Dennis! I might end up going that route if I decide to really delve into playing again. Any idea what the wait time is from ordering one until receiving it? Also, do you know if Wessex has a phone number I can call here in the US or do I need to call them over in England? Thanks.

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    Hello Cappy, the Wessex EP-105 5 valve Duplex euphonium is in stock. It costs $2450 USD.

    You should give Wessex USA a call at

    I have read very positive comments on it on this forum. I own a Wessex Festivo, and could not be happier about the quality, tone, and intonation of my eupho.

    Regards, Guido
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    Trpt - Adams A4 LB
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    Eb Cornet - Carolbrass CCR-7775-GSS

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    Thanks for the feedback Guido! Cappy

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    No prob at all Cappy, keep us posted on the progress of your quest!

    Euph - Wessex EP104 Festivo - SM4U
    Flugel - Kanstul 1525
    Trpt - Adams A4 LB
    Bb Cornet -Carolbrass CCR-7772R-GSS
    Eb Cornet - Carolbrass CCR-7775-GSS

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    Thanks, wil do!


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