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    King 2280 for sale REDUCED

    i have reduced the price to $850 plus shipping...

    I was asked to double euphonium (i'm really a tuba guy) and bought this King 2280 from a music repair school in colorado somewhere, that was advertising it in Craig's list. I played it about a year and was satisfied with it in every way EXCEPT, (and i discussed the problem in this forum) when i have shoulder and neck injuries that make holding my arm in position to play the top action valves difficult and painful after a while. i tried different positions and levels, but couldn't find a way to play it easily.

    i bought a Wessex Festivo front action euphonium that i've played exclusively. It surely makes playing euphonium more comfortable for me. This one has been on the shelf for a year... i'm in the process of downsizing my tuba to a 3/4 and thought i'd offer this for sale to help finance that.

    It isn't perfect... there are a few dings/dents and some lacquer is off, but it plays. the valves feel good, the sound is satisfying and it plays in tune if I do. i hadn't played it in over a year, and while i was pulling the slides/valves for the picture i played it a while and almost decided to keep it... but it would end up on never getting played. it needs to be used. a great choice for a highschool player, community band... maybe college.

    as you can see in the picture, all slides are pulled (except the 3rd and i didn't want to disassemble the spring assembly, but it moves freely) and valves are decent.

    the case is usable (but heavy, i used an altieri gig bag i had made for a little Conn 3 valve i tried before i bought the king.) the inside is better than the exterior, i sprayed the outside black. the top, end and sides look pretty good, but the bottom needs some help... but i wasn't worried about that much.

    i'm pricing it at $850 plus shipping... i've never done this before, so i'm not exactly what the procedure is. i suppose if you decide you want it, i will package it and take it to the USPS or UPS store and have them give me a shipping price and then we can decide on how payment is to be made. I've done that before when i've bought horns.

    take a look at the attached picture... if you want more, send me an email address or textable phone number and i'll take some more.

    thanks for reading this...

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    bump for price reduction

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    Still for sale


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