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Thread: Denis Wick SM6U (British Baritone)

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    I believe the SM is much deeper than the 6BS

  2. I just looked at the SM6B side by side with the 6BS. The cups appear identical to my naked eye. I do not think the SM6B is really any deeper. The differences I can quantify are, the SM6B has a larger bore and a sharper inner rim.

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    I originally talked about the SM6U which is I believe quite a bit deeper as djwpe said, but I'm thinking just the plain old SM6B as MikeS mentions, the cups do look very similar.

    I am a real newb when it comes to identifying what qualities in a mouthpiece will change what aspects of the sound. Can you give me any feedback on what the larger bore would mean?

    The sharper rim I understand, I think I'd be OK with it.

  4. Keep in mind that all aspects of a mouthpiece work together. It’s difficult to isolate any one factor. That said, a larger bore will darken the sound (possibly making it more diffuse), tend to raise the pitch in the upper register, increase volume potential, and possibly reduce endurance. If the bore is really large it can also raise the pitch in the low register. A smaller bore will brighten the sound and lower the pitch in the upper register.

    The mouthpiece I have been using on baritone, A Giddings Nakazawa, has a fairly small bore. It plays, for me, with good intonation in all registers and more volume than a Wick 6BS. It is perhaps a bit brighter than the Wick. Again, everything has to work together and work for your approach to the instrument.

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    Thanks Mike!

  6. I've been playing a Denis Wick 4BS on my British baritone for nearly a year. I like it but sometimes it sounds a bit too much like a 1st baritone has a lot of higher playing so my chops get tired towards the end of long pieces. Perhaps I should look at a 5 or 6 sized mouthpiece.
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  7. I play this mouthpiece, the SM6U. I have two of them: one small shank for my Wessex BR115 (front-action American style instrument) and my B&H 3-valve comp Euph with a medium shank. I really, really like them. I have discontinued using other mouthpieces.

    The SM6U is essentially a 6 1/2 AL with a deeper cup. This helps me keep the lower register smooth, and with proper breath support helps the upper register slot better since I can get more air through the mouthpiece.

    I believe this mouthpiece, especially for a younger player with a smaller embouchure, or an old guy like me who just doesn't want to play anything larger in diameter, is woefully underappreciated. The underappreciation is shown by every other post in this thread is trying to get you to play a different mouthpiece.

    Of course, as with anything else, YMMV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barking Iron View Post
    I am using a Stork T1, which I absolutely love. Deep enough for a round sound, shallow enough to prevent intonation issues in the high register, a backbore that you can 'lean into', comfortable rim, well made, not too expensive...

    I pulled the trigger on a Stork T1, it was a combination of the price being a bit lower than some of the alternatives and that backbore which everyone I've read reviews from agrees that you can really lean into it which I think I'm going to like a lot.

    So thank you for the recommendation Bram, we'll see how iot goes! If it doesn't work out, I guess I will be selling it over in the for-sale section, lol. Luckily I have access to some great international shipping tools via my day job

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    Rim size is comparabe, but the SM6 is a lot deeper with a bigger backbore.

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    I just received my Stork T1 today and I can honestly say this is the most perfect mouthpiece for me, I'm very excited and I'm glad I took a chance on it!
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