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Thread: Small Shank Mouthpieces For Sale

  1. Small Shank Mouthpieces For Sale

    I am sorting through the mouthpiece drawer and these small shank mouthpieces are, as they say across the pond, "Surplus to current requirements." Prices include shipping to the contiguous 48 US states. Outside of this area, contact me and we can work out shipping charges.

    SOLD Wick 4BS - Came with a horn, used once, perfect other than a faint insertion mark. $30

    SOLD Wick SM4B - Excellent shape, pristine rim, some insertion marks. $25

    Buy both Wicks and I'll throw in a Protec double mouthpiece pouch!

    G&W Carbonaria - Very little use, Excellent+ shape. Comes with the G&W neoprene case. $65

    I will make a donation to the forum for purchases made here. You can contact me via private message or at misolms (insert you know what symbol here)
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  2. PM sent

  3. Bump for price reduction on the Carbonaria. This might be your best chance ever to see just how dark a sound you can get from a Yamaha 321.


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