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Thread: Tips on developing high register?

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    Tips on developing high register?

    Hey everyone!

    Iíve been trying to improve my high register for quite a while these days and am finding it quite difficult, partially because after about 15 minutes of practising high range, I can no longer play in that range. Do you guys have any tips on how to practice high range? Maybe any specific sections in the Arban?
    Thanks a ton.

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    You might want to acquire a copy of David Vinings' "Range Songs" book. It has exercises going from high concert F to super-F, five exercises for each, plus low exercises going from low F to pedal Bb. If you're not taking lessons or getting some coaching in another way, you might want to start doing that, as well.
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    You will find a good range-building technique here:

    But it is important to balance your practice. When I am warmed up sufficiently I usually go through some scales as described in the linked thread, but, as you find, I feel my chops getting "tight" if I go too hard at it non-stop. The thread described 2-octave scales. So let's say (talking concert pitch) that I just played from Bb on the 2nd line up to high Bb 4 lines above the staff, and then came back down again. The next thing I will do is start a 2-octave scale on pedal Bb (an octave lower), play up to Bb on top of the staff, then descend back to the pedal (I'll allow myself a breath in the middle for the low scales). If I am playing the high scales up to a high F above high Bb, then I will do the low scale from pedal F.

    By doing this, I stay flexible as I build the muscles for my high range. BTW, most people suggest that building your low range is ESSENTIAL to building a quality high range.
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    Thank you for this informative thread! I've just been able to attain the high B-flat (TC) in Khachaturian's "To the Heroes of the Patriotic War" but they are not yet sustained/melodic. I will try this.
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    Thank you so much!


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