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Thread: need some parts for Bb Marching Baritone

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    need some parts for Bb Marching Baritone

    I have attached some pics of a student horn I acquired. It needs some parts, top valve caps felts, finger buttons, two valve stops and a water valve complete. I have called Blessing to no avail, I can't go to allied's catalog, I am hoping someone has seen this type valve with the plastic guides and two lock screws and can direct me where to purchase parts. Even if it is international doesn't matter. Let me know yours Click image for larger version. 

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    Allied doesn't seem to list any Blessing parts for anything besides trumpets/cornets, trombones, and marching mellophones (and no valve guides for those). They have the following message on their Blessing page:

    "The Blessing name is now owned by St. Louis Music and they are importing Blessing instruments from China. Please contact them for parts."

    If you want to keep the instrument and use it, it might be possible for a tech to modify some other valve guides for it. Or an alternative might be to remove those valve guides and install old-style screw-in guides (I'd suggest nylon) in the pistons. That's not hard to do (drill, tap, screw in nylon screw, form the head appropriately).
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