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Thread: Sellmansberger/ M.O.-LOUD/ Parker-House Tuba mouthpieces

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    Sellmansberger/ M.O.-LOUD/ Parker-House Tuba mouthpieces

    I am looking into these mouthpieces.
    Considering the variety that these 3 companies offer and that several components are interchangeable,
    I was wondering your thoughts on them.
    What are you using?
    What are you using it on?
    WHat styles of music are you playing?
    My thoughts now are for a SEllmansberger SYmphony cup with Profundo Rim HLBII 33.5 and a Parker Houser - Hellberg/Hall American shank
    for my 5/4 Mirafone BBbb Kaiser
    also a standard HLB 33.5 or 33.2( or others in this size) rim for my King 2341
    I am also interested in the Parker- Houser Hersey Cup
    I am also considering a set up for my Mirafone BBbb Contrabass Trombone
    I am thinking a Sellmansberger Imperial Cup with British Imperial Shank
    with a 32.6 or 32.3 rim
    All my thoughts are based on what I have read on paper and I have not had the opportunity to try these mouthpieces
    I only know of their reputation

    I am currently using a Warburton 32D 33.5 rim Mirafone Kaiser
    Canadian Brass MB 88 33.5 rim-- King 2341
    Denis Wick 1(32.5) & 2(32.0) small fitting for my Contrabass Trombone
    Any thoughts on their Trombone/ Euphonium and Bass Trombone lines would also be welcome.
    Happy Holidays Everyone
    John McKevitt

  2. I play a 2-piece Imperial, standard "American" shank with a 32.6 Helleberg II lexan rim and one of their spacers cut down to about half. I play it on my old Miraphone 186 that has a smaller leadpipe than current manufacture and the bell replaced with a Besson New Standard BBb bell. There is a thread on the tuba on TubeNet. I find this set up gives me great response, even tone through the registers, and superlative intonation - very little slide riding needed, if at all.

    The spacer is underestimated for its utility. Some folks don't need it; others need it and possibly more. Since a mouthpiece is like a carburetor, in that it focuses the air to the proper velocity as it transitions the throat, the spacer functions just like a spacer on a carburetor: too thin, and the engine won't develop enough power just as the tuba won't develop all the tone it can; too thick, and response lags in both. But trim it to the "sweet spot" as I have, and you can get good tone and response that matches the player's embouchure and breath support.

    I discussed these similarities and analogies at length with Bob Tucci, who, by the way, is a Mopar fan and very involved in performance vehicles as well as tubas.

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    THanks iiipopes, Houser had a Cyber Monday sale 25%off all items. I believe it is still going on thru 12/2
    I ordered 2 Mouthpieces/ components and I am looking forward to their arrival.
    A HLBII Profundo 33.5, SYmphony Cup with a shank I picked up on another site for Mirafone 5/4 BBbb Kaiser
    a MO 33.2A Standard rim for King 2341
    A Profundo #2 32.6 SElls IMperial Cup and Brit Shank for Contrabass Trb
    I have a 14 Day TRial Period .
    SInce this is my first experiment with the Bloke/ Houser pieces it is nice to know if something doesn't work I can return/exchange it


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