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Thread: Wessex Black Friday Sale?

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    Wessex Black Friday Sale?

    I received an email from Wessex advertising a Black Friday sale. 20% off selected instruments. I went to the website and the Facebook page and saw nothing about it. So now I am wondering if the email I received was legitimate. Is Wessex really running a Black Friday sale?
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    I went to the same thread and saw nothing special. However several instruments are 20% off for the next couple of days. These are the two helicons, the travel euphonium and a trumpet. They are pictured in the email, but when you click on the link in the email you don't get the sale prices. But if you do go to the website in general and click on the links for these instruments, they have the sale prices listed. Hopefully they will fix things. I've not heard great things about the travel euphonium, but at $1360 it might be worth trying.

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    Wessex having a Cyber Monday sales
    In our biggest Cyber Monday sale to-date, we’re offering you an incredible 50% off our popular Eb Alto Ophicleide (Quinticlave) – OE12; perfect for any Ophicleide player or passionate vintage brass collector.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianeSparkle View Post
    Wessex having a Cyber Monday sales
    My neighbors are no doubt relieved that this sale didn't happen on payday.


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