I really like the John Henry-ish forge logo, although it looks like the guy in it is about to beat the crap out of his anvil since he's not holding anything in his tongs. Artistic license, I suppose.

The device looks amazingly like a modified plastic shotgun wad, and is definitely of the same material. They even come in what appear to be different gauges (of course: for the different bore sizes, as in shotguns).

I believe that I have about 500 of those wads (unused) sitting around here from years past (in three different sizes), and would be happy to sell them to people for the reduced price of $19.95 each (plus taxes, shipping, and handling). This is with the understanding that the wads (er ... acoustic enhancement devices -- AEDs) "require some final modification and fitting by the customer, who is solely responsible for the results". A razor blade or good pair of scissors should be all that's necessary to customize the AED to your own instrument. Proper fitment to metric tubing is not guaranteed, and items are not returnable unless the packaging (old newspaper with tape) has not been opened. Cost of return shipping to be borne by the customer. Handling fee is not refundable, and there will be a $20.00 restocking fee per item.