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Thread: Denis Wick SM ULTRA4 XR

  1. Quote Originally Posted by snorlax View Post
    daniel76309:"it might be good but is almost comical how many names and letters this mouthpiece has."

    ...and each name/letter adds $32.75 to the price.

    ha ha

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jasonium View Post
    They are basically taking a page from Apple’s book of bad naming.

    SM4 XS MAX ULTRA R with Liquid Retina (tm) bore shape - the sports car of mouthpieces.
    Now with optional racing stripes and a spoiler. Also, feel the VTEC kick in, yo, for the high notes.
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    Both the problems it purports to solve relate to me. I'm very interested but as said above, no medium shank for now. I currently play the 4MX. My range is fine, solid to Db concert but it can be taxing. Brass Band euphonium parts often have a lot of notes above the treble clef staff.

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    Seems like this may be more similar to the Alliance DC3 than the previous SM4X.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJH View Post
    Steven posted on Facebook that he developed the 4XR for "extended works which seem 'designed' to crush my embouchure."
    So...UFO Concerto, then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by miketeachesclass View Post
    Seems like this may be more similar to the Alliance DC3 than the previous SM4X.
    The DC3 didn't do it for me.

    We occasionally drink from the fountain of madness...

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    "Perhaps it doesnt have the weight of sound in the lower register of the regular U4X..."

    Perhaps it doesn't work well for all around use....

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    I really like the rim contour and cup on the DC3, but feel the throat is small. Maybe this will be my solution. I’ll let you all know how it goes when it arrives.

    Or, maybe it’ll be one more in the “sell” pile.

    Quote Originally Posted by highpitch View Post
    The DC3 didn't do it for me.

    Mike Taylor
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  9. Hi Guys. Anyone tried a SM4XR mouthpiece yet ?

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    I have not. I just went on (as someone else here put it) mouthpiece safari, and settled upon one I like. I don’t anticipate looking for another mouthpiece anytime soon. I now have some (four) spare mouthpieces from which I, or either of my two sons, can select as needed. The Ultra SM4X is among those that didn’t make my cut.
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