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Thread: I need guards

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    I need guards

    I recently got a new Wessex Dolce and absolutely love it, the only problem is there aren't any guards anywhere, and i don't have the capabilities of making my own, could someone tell me what other euphonium has the same shape on leather specialties, please and thank you.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Even though a given model of euphonium might be a copy of another, the bracing could be different enough to not allow you to use that model’s guard. Not sure if the Wessex Dolce is an exact copy.

    See this link for more info. There’s an image of a Yamaha 641 next to a 642. You can see the bracing is different:

    LSCO makes excellent guards and can make a guard to any pattern you give them. Here’s a link to LSCO (Leather Specialties Co.)
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