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    I'm currently playing on a miraphone 5050 that I'm borrowing from someone else but it is time to own my own. I would love to buy a used 5050 but I know those are hard to come by so I'm interested in any pro euph.

    I do have to say I have to buy a few more instruments on top of this so please be reasonable with your offers and I'll do the same.


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    There's quite a few horns on sale here. I saw a nice Besson by Jasonium and clockwork. do check them out.
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    Yes, do check the listings here. The 5050 is a great horn and a good goal, but nice used ones don't show up very often. Patience is a virtue!

    In the meantime you might find a nice Besson/Yamaha/Willson/etc. for sale that could save you half the price and be a nice instrument.
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  4. I do have a horn for sale that will not break the bank! It's a Besson New Standard. Make me an offer. 3k is not set in stone!

  5. Clockwork, if your instrument is still available let me do some research over the next couple of days and I'll pm you about it.

  6. The horn is still available. Let me know if I can answer any questions about it! I dropped the price to $2700.
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