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Thread: The Besson New Standard Sound

  1. The Besson New Standard Sound

    I think I have finally figured out my "sound concept" for my besson new standard. I play a 1968 medium shank horn with a BB1 mouthpiece. I have tried the sm4 and honestly, the BB1 might not sound quite as good, but is easier to play. I recorded using a 2 channel tascam usb audio interface and an audio technica AT2020 condenser Mic using audcacity. I am not an audio engineer, so this is not as good a recording as it could be, but I think I captured the special tone that this particular instrument gives fairly well. I did apply some compression and a little equalization, but no reverb. What do you think? Specifically, what do you think about the tone vs. a more modern euphonium tone?+

    Edit Just to clarify, this is recorded directly from the bell. in a messy bed room.
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    Maybe 'cause I carry the flag for the New Standard. Bought my first one back in '68.

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