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Thread: Read Before Posting Items for Sale

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    I have read this. Thank you.
    John 3:16

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  2. Agreed !

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    I agree to the terms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davewerden View Post
    If you wish to list items for sale, please read the following information completely. Also, you must agree to the bullet list of requirements.

    I ask you to keep in mind that this forum is a great resource, but it costs money to run. I am paying for an upscale hosting service to handle the main site and the forum, which each rely on unique technology (the new host has been much more reliable than my previous host). Other costs include the forum software itself (I chose a commercial product for better ongoing support), paying for several domain names to protect the "brand," paying for an anti-spam service (which currently blocks over 100 fake forum registration per day), and various costs for the software I need to enhance the site and keep it running.

    If you are selling a horn here via an eBay link, you are already supporting the site! eBay will give me a small commission for each sale that results from links here. Linking to your own eBay affiliate program is NOT allowed.

    For private sales, please keep in mind the value of this forum and consider a gratuity if you sell the instrument. It is not required. I'm not suggesting a particular amount or percentage - that is up to your judgement. People who are selling here often and to make a profit will be approached for a more structured arrangement.

    AFTER SELLING AN ITEM: please add a comment to the post indicating you sold the item. Also, do not delete the content of the original listing. We find these useful to get perspective on the market, such as the prices that certain types of instruments may fetch. If you are willing, please indicate the actual selling price as a reference for future shoppers.

    If you are a business, you will be allowed to post items for sale if you are a sponsor of the site. Please PM me for information on sponsorship terms and benefits.
    For a one-time sale from a business, we can agree on a commission if you PM me.

    • You agree will leave the original content in the post after an item sells.
    • You will check back regularly to answer any questions regarding your post.
    • You will not link to your own eBay affiliate account (if you have one). (Don't be confused by this. This is not the same thing as simply having an eBay account for buying and selling. The affiliate program from eBay requires a separate registration on their site - you'll know if you have one!)
    • IF you are a business, you have agreed to be a sponsor of the forum.

    Using the email you see below in the graphic, you can send a gratuity via PayPal or an Amazon gift certificate.

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    I agree!
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  5. Agree.

    Thank you for providing this service.


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    Thank you Dave. I have read this thread, and agree to all the rules you set in it.

    Best, Guido
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  7. I agree to all of the terms. Thanks!

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