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Thread: Read Before Posting Items for Sale

  1. i agree to the terms of sale.

  2. I have read and agree to the terms

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    I have read, do agree to your terms and as I have in the past, will make a contribution to your site if/when the horn sells. I’m not listing on eBay but do have on my local Craigslist, WORCESTER. MA.

  4. I have read and agree to the terms in the original post. Thanks!

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    I have read the rules and agree.
    2007 Besson Prestige 2052, 3D+ K&G mouthpiece; JP373 baritone, 4B modified K&G mouthpiece; Bach 42GO trombone, T4C K&G mouthpiece; 1973 Besson New Standard 3 compensated valves, 3D+ K&G modified mouthpiece; Wessex French C tuba, 3D+ K&G modified mouthpiece.

  6. I've read and agree

  7. I have read the rules and agree!

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    Read and agreed.
    Gary Merrill
    Wessex EEb Bass tuba (DW 3XL or 2XL)
    Mack Brass Compensating Euph (DE 105, Euph J, J9 euph)
    Amati Oval Euph (DE 104, Euph J, J6 euph)
    1924 Buescher 3-valve Eb tuba (with std US receiver), Kelly 25
    Schiller American Heritage 7B clone bass trombone (DE LB K/K9/112 Lexan, Brass Ark MV50R)
    1947 Olds "Standard" trombone (Olds #3)

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    I agree to these terms for selling on this site

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    I have read and agree to the terms above.
    Harrison Brown
    Madison (Alabama) Community Band - Euphonium
    Yamaha Neo YEP-642TS Compensating Euphonium - Schilke 52D
    Conn 88HTCL Tenor Trombone - Denis Wick 4BL / Christian Lindberg 4CL
    King 7B Bass Trombone - Bach 1G
    Besson 223 3V Compensating BBb Tuba - Denis Wick 3

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