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Thread: Rochut Counterpart Play Alongs w/ Hiram Diaz

  1. Rochut Counterpart Play Alongs w/ Hiram Diaz

    This was posted to the Tuba-Euphonium Facebook page as well, but I thought it would be nice to share this great project here as well!

    Hiram Diaz of the President's Own has uploaded a series of play along videos for the Rochut etudes. He's performing the Counterparts composed by Tom Ervin.

    I've linked the first few videos below, but you can find the rest on his Youtube Channel. Counterparts 1-10 are up now, and it looks like eventually he'll have the first 20.
    Willson 2900 TA-1 Euphonium - Denis Wick 4AM
    Yamaha YSL-643 Trombone - Benge Marcellus
    F.E. Olds Special Trombone (ca. 1941) - Faxx 7C

    York Preference 3067 Euphonium - Denis Wick 4AL
    Benge 165F Trombone - Benge Marcellus
    Wessex BR140 Baritone - Denis Wick 6BS

  2. Great find - thanks for sharing!
    James Kircoff
    Genesee Wind Symphony - principal euphonium (Adams E3 Custom .60mm yellow brass bell w/ Parker 4G Houser)
    Capital City Brass Band (2019 NABBA 2nd section champions) - 1st baritone (Besson BE956 w/ Denis Wick 6BY) and 10 piece ensemble (Getzen 1052FD bass trombone w/ Bach 1G)


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