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Thread: Phrasing and Vibrato

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    Phrasing and Vibrato

    Here is some excellent advice on phrasing and the use (and deliberate non-use) of vibrato. All are from Steven Isserlis (cellist):

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    Wow--I have a few things to say here:
    1. What he was saying here lined up perfectly with what Harvey used to say about vibrato...with strikingly similar descriptors!!
    2. I was totally unfamiliar with Steven Isserlis...I went to his website. I urge everyone to go to his website and read his blog posts.
    3. What a delightfully normal down-to-earth gent he is!
    4. Thanks for the post, Dave...good on its own merits, and allowed me to investigate a new-to-me artist with much to offer in both words and music!!
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