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Thread: Any experiences with Invisalign and how it'll affect practice and performance?

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    Any experiences with Invisalign and how it'll affect practice and performance?

    For those unaware, InvisAlign is a brand of clear aligners used by dentists/orthodontists used to adjust teeth. I have yet to consult with my dentist about this (that's for an upcoming appointment). All that's transpired was I was told this is suggested in my case since it'll straighten out my teeth, and it'll remove the need for an implant or bridge (since I have a gap.. missing a whole tooth at that spot).

    I was expecting to go through with surgery and do an implant (more expensive than a bridge, but generally recommended), but that got pushed off/forgotten by both them and myself. One euphonium player in my Community Band has experience with going through both. He recommend the implant, but also mentioned that it didn't affect his ability to play much. Wait a few days after each procedure, but otherwise, nothing too disruptive.

    Only other experience was I had braces in high school, and it didn't seem to affect much either, so I suspect these Invisaligns may be the same thing. However, seeking any first hand experiences or otherwise.


    As for the musical side of things, nothing about it is "essential" nor "critical". I live in a boring area, and when I found out that there was at least one musical ensemble and that a decent euphonium could be had at an affordable cost, that's what got me back into music. It's a hobby, not my job.

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    I have no experience with Invisalign so far, but it sounds promising, doesn't it?


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