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Thread: Antoine Courtois' Euphonium information

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  1. Antoine Courtois' Euphonium information


    I have just bought for my 10 yo son an Euphonium. He has studied tuba for 3 years and his tuba teacher asked for switching from Tuba Baryton to Euphonium.
    So I went through the web to see opportunities.
    I decided this week to buy a silver compensated 3+1 valves Euphonium from Antoine Courtois.
    The model is 367A and the photos are here :

    As I don't know this instrument I decided to buy this one as it was nearly in new conditions - played for 3 months in 2008 and since then sleeping in his bag - .
    I cannot find any information on the 367A Euphonium because Courtois company was sold to Buffet Crampon. They don't deliver Euphonium anymore.
    Also Buffet Crampon is at the head of many trends such as B&S, Melton Meinl Weston, Hans Hoyer.

    Does anyone have piece of information on the Courtois Symphony 367 ?

    Best regards,

    Rob from France
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