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Thread: Marcus Bonna XL Fits Miraphone 5050

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    Marcus Bonna XL Fits Miraphone 5050

    After a fall out of the back of my car resulted in significant damage and the replacement of my Miraphone 5050, I set out, in addition to changing procedures so that it wouldn't happen again, to find a case that was more protective than either the Miraphone or GLenn Cronkhite bags I have used for the last 7 years.

    i happened Ned to be looking at trombone cases on the MB website, and noticed that they were now selling an "XL" euphonium case. I sent an email inquiry and was directed to contact Steve Ferguson of The Horn Guys. After an email exchange, they agreed to order one and check the fit.

    After the usual long wait for anything from MB, I got this email from steve:

    "It fits. The XL case is longer and has an extra removable pad at the small end. I pulled that out. It also has 2 foam pads on the back edge surrounding the 4th piston. Adams euphs have no 4th piston lock, so they need the space there. Miraphone has the lock, so I pulled them out. The horn is held toward the small end of the case by a Velcro strap around the bottom bow. When it's all in and the bottom bow strap is tightened, there is a 1" space between the bell flare and the "rigid" round bell reinforcement disc at the bell end of the case. I don't hate that. Letting the bell float will keep the stress off the more fragile flare. If the bell flare does touch, the top bow could be vulnerable at one place, but I don't think it will be any issue. It should work fine."

    I'm pretty happy with the case. It carries nicely on the back, and should protect well against the bumps and dings my old horn took in the normal course of moving it around NYC. I did find I felt better about the 4th valve lock if I put back one of the pads around the edge to keep the screw securing the lock from hitting the case.

    See photo below.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Don Winston

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    Don, this is very interesting! Did not know that MB had a case to handle an M5050. The Miraphone case is okay but I really dislike a 'top loading' bag. Thanks.
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    I just bought an MB case for my Besson. It was very easy to "customize" for my horn, trimming the side pad to accommodate the trigger lever under the 4th valve. The mouthpiece pouch is a Velcro "stick anywhere" job so it wound up in a place that touches nothing.

    My old Altieri bag held up very well for almost 10 years, but was getting very worn.

    The MB case is easy to deal with, and really protects the horn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickF View Post
    Don, this is very interesting! Did not know that MB had a case to handle an M5050. The Miraphone case is okay but I really dislike a 'top loading' bag. Thanks.
    I posted mostly for you, Rick.


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