Sometimes geothermal fans can be a persons worse enemy.

2 weeks ago at my church, I played Kyrie Eleison by Matt Redman and Matt Maher, a real nice slow piece which plays beautifully on euphonium. I use a track which I put on an usb thumb drive as my accompaniment. I was reading straight off the lead sheet. When I was playing, roughly half way through the repeated first chorus, the 3rd page went flying off my music stand! Thankfully that 3rd page is just the ending which only had one little spot that's different. The congregation knew what happened and I can just tell that they were wondering what I was going to do. I carried on and played as normal thinking I have that 3rd page memorized. The assistant pastor (who's also the main worship leader at my church) immediately went from the front pew then onto the platform, grabbed the page, put on the music stand and held the music for me. I was able to grab the 2nd page and place it on top of my 1st page and gave the pastor a quick thumbs up to atleast give him a big THANK YOU! I felt bad for him as my bell was pretty much pointed at his face while I was playing.

I managed to get through the piece fine. When I played my last note, everybody clapped even before the track ended. Right after I played, the assistant pastor said that was the first time he ever saw music go flying off a music stand while somebody was singing or playing their instrument. Everybody including myself had a good laugh. I recorded myself with my cell phone and posted the audio onto my Youtube page. I sounded fine and couldn't tell that I had a little disaster.

So next time, I will definitely use clothes pins for even an inside playing opportunity. That's the first time inside or outside which I had music go flying off my stand while I was performing.