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Thread: Denis Wick Customer Service- WOW!

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    Denis Wick Customer Service- WOW!

    A couple of days ago I was just cleaning up my trusty Denis Wick 4AL, of which I've been using as my main mouthpiece for a little over a year now, ever since I had purchased it last March. When I was wiping it down, I noticed in a few spots on the rim, and in one spot in the cup, the silver plating was coming off.

    Needless to say, I loved that mouthpiece. The news quite upset me but I was somewhat confused, because it was only 14 months old! So, I hopped onto the trusty Internet, and went straight over to the Denis Wick website. I found the CONTACT US section and inquired about the loss of plating. This was about 8 o clock at night.

    The next morning, when I woke up from my sleeping in I was greeted by a new email at about 7:30 AM, from Gary Winder, the Executive Vice President of Denis Wick USA. The only questions he asked me were:
    -where I bought the mouthpiece
    -what my address was, so he could send a replacement.
    I responded and went on my way, and around noon, I received my reply:
    "*my name*... We are shipping the replacement today and included is a prepaid shipping label to return the damaged one you have."

    Wow, they were sending a replacement, no questions asked, and paying for shipping to return the other mouthpiece! I thanked Mr. Winder profusely, and went about my day. That night I went to bed satisfied with Denis Wick.

    The next day (which just so happened to be the day my new Wessex Dolce arrived, it's quite impressive as well I must say), when FedEx came by they dropped off my new mouthpiece!

    No questions asked, customer service and help immediately, a replacement shipped day-of, and next-day shipping, and not a penny of my money. I was astonished! That's the definition of customer service, and I'm glad to see Denis Wick's passion of putting musician first has carried on through the whole company.

    Maybe I'm nuts but I feel like not all customer service and not all companies are that good and that consumer-(or musician)-driven! Especially in a day where many companies choose profit above all, a company so musician-oriented I believe deserves credit.

    What a way to make my week, a new horn and a new mouthpiece!

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    Thanks for sharing that great story! It's the way we'd like every company to be, but few some up to that standard. But after 14 months, it seems like you had a pretty good case to present to them.
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