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Thread: Logan Willis - VW Tuba Concerto on Euph, Mvts 1 and 2

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    Logan Willis - VW Tuba Concerto on Euph, Mvts 1 and 2

    My son, Logan just played the first two movements of the Vaughan Williams Concerto for Bass Tuba and Orchestra as one of two Concerto competition winners with the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony.

    It was his first experience soloing with a band accompanying him and his first time soloing in front of hundreds of people. He’s awkward, but he played very well.

    As you can imagine, proud dad here!
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    Congrats to both of you!
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    Nice job! It's tough on euphonium, but doable with a LOT of work. Philip Catelinet told me he has done it on euphonium with orchestra (but of course he'd prefer to use tuba). I did so once with piano myself, but it's nothing I would tackle today with my light practice schedule.
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    Thanks to you for your help to him years ago when he first played the second movement! He still uses the notes from that Skype session on his sheet music.

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    Thanks! The only problem with euph as opposed to tuba is that it’s so quiet in that low register. Hard to hear him at times. Fun piece that was a real challenge for a very good high school group.


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