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Thread: Relaquering or not?

  1. Relaquering or not?

    hey guys... I recently bought a Yamaha YEP321 on ebay. I researched and decided this was the model for me. I got a good deal, but i have to say the horn is in pretty rough shape. The sound is amazing, and there are few minor dents, but it is really scratched up.

    i live out of the US, and i think the horn can be sanded down and relaquered (or restored... maybe relaquer is NOT the correct word for it!!!) the horn will then look new (and it wont cost too much here!!) but i keep hearing that this could affect the overall sound of the horn. i have been researching and it seems im finding mixed information.

    what are your opinions??? thanks guys!

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    A refinish doesn't involve sanding, rather a solvent to remove all the old lacquer. A total high-luster polish follows, then a new finish, usually polyurethane.

    On a horn that old, I'd have the mechanics taken care of first, namely an ultrasonic cleaning and attention to the valves/slides. That way it would sound as close to new as possible.

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  3. Thank you dennis!! That is very helpful. The tubes and valves seem to be in pretty good shape. If they were to strip it and apply a new finish, dou think the new finish would affect the sound?

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    Relaquering is a good option, but it is a bit pricy. If you are a do it yourself person, you could polish it up with simichrome and then wash with dawn dish soap and finally git it a coat of renaissance wax. This would require some redoing every year or two, but it is another option.

  5. I live outside of the US so it wouldn't cost me too much here. I agree a deep cleaning and service is top of the list!!


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