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Thread: Euphonium Hand Strap: "Comfy Euph Strap"

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    Thanks for the reply Dave. It is the QHR strap. I can't remember how long I've had it, I want to say around 3 years. It doesn't really strike me as the course weave variant, it is a fairly soft black fabric. I might play around with it some later this week, but I would be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this.

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    I ordered my customized strap yesterday. The owner of the company was quick to respond to my inquiry and very helpful in the ordering process!

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    I just ordered my comfy euph strap! The response was crazy fast getting back to me, send me an invoice, and ship it, I'm still shocked it was that quick. I sent the initial email for the order and I think she responded in something like 4 minutes to confirm with me. Big kudos for that and her ongoing communication at every step was outstanding.

    That's what makes me recommend companies or people or products, aside from the product itself, is just good communication.
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    Valerie has been very responsive all these while. I emailed her a year ago and had the same quick response. I'm glad she's receiving a lot of orders after Mr. Werden's latest video!
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    Valerie now carries a new color, she calls “basic dove gray” which is a great match for those of us who have silver plated euphs. As always, it is extremely well made and does look great on the horn.
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