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Thread: Looking for 4 valve Bell Front Baritones

  1. Looking for 4 valve Bell Front Baritones

    Hi there I'm looking for 4 valve bell front baritones like King, Conn, Olds and Reynolds. If you have any of these models listed please feel free to contact me with pictures and other information. Thank You

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    That's an interesting request. Do you rebuild such horns or is there another possible future in store for them? (Inquiring minds want to know!) Horns of this type are a significant part of our past and present, and I still have fond memories of my own King and also of playing with the similar Conn, Reynolds, and Olds models.
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  3. If you are looking for a player, the Wessex BR115 is what I use in community band. A superlative instrument, based on the King. A slightly larger bore than the American traditional instruments, .571 instead of .561, helps the tone of the low register.

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