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Thread: I miss my Kanstul - do you own it?

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    Will is now a lawyer! He’s a Major and works with the contracts folks. I am trying to convince him to play in our community band. But with a toddler and a new born, his free time is pretty well booked.
    Chris Bunker
    Adams E1, Wick 4AL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sara Hood View Post
    There is more to this story, I just know it. Chris, Will, please tell us more about what happened to make this reunion happen. I love these kind of stories. And what will you be playing going forward Chris?

    Now all we need is a sound and video clip of the two of you playing a duet as a grand finale.
    - Sara
    The story is pretty simple (thread above), and I play an Adams E1 now; better intonation control for me.
    Chris Bunker
    Adams E1, Wick 4AL

  3. Great story! But I thought the 976 had interchangeable bells? From the picture posted I couldn’t see a seam could it have been a 975?


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