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Thread: WTB - Besson New Standard euphonium valve buttons & 4th valve lock paddle

  1. WTB - Besson New Standard euphonium valve buttons & 4th valve lock paddle

    Hello all, hoping to find someone with some New Standard euphonium valve buttons they'd be willing to sell. They're the ones that taper from about 18mm wide to 13.5mm wide at the top. I'm not to picky because the horn is no great looker, but hoping for silver finish and qty of two or more.

    I am also looking for a 4th valve lock paddle, as I understand it one from a newer 967 or similar might also work (or perhaps from a Chinese clone horn?). I have the screw, just need the paddle, and I understand from other threads that some people choose to remove theirs. Thanks in advance.

  2. Bump, thanks.

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    I suspect no one replied because there may not be a source for the finger buttons. Dan Oberloh, one of the great brass techs, had to manufacture these from scratch. See one of his pages with pictures.
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  4. For everyone else out there, another way to describe the Besson finger buttons for those not familiar with them is "gumdrop."

  5. Thanks Rick, fortunately I live in the Seattle area and have already spoken to Dan O. about this option. However I thought Id start with an ask to the community on the hope someone might have some just waiting for a good home.

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    Hey Convertible_lincoln, you should look into the post at . A few suppliers for Besson parts were discussed. May be a good lead for you.
    - Sara

  7. Thanks Sara, appreciate the pointer. I had done some searching but hadn't found that thread previously.

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