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Thread: Working at a euphonium conference?

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    Working at a euphonium conference?

    I've always wanted to get back into practicing euphonium (I'm just playing in a community band right now) and maybe attend a festival and do some competitions! With this, there is the IET festival coming up once again down in atlanta in June, however I wouldn't have any extra vacation time for an entire week being down there .

    Thus my question for any of you whom have the ability to work remotely:
    Has anyone ever gone down to a tuba/euphonium conference, but just worked on a laptop in their hotel for most of the time? Is it worth it?

    This is also assuming I can get my chops back into performing condition in just a couple months, haha
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    The conference is jam packed with good stuff, so that would not be the best plan. You'd miss way too much even if you only had to work 4 hours a day.

    However, if that is your only choice, you could go down and just enjoy the evening concerts plus whatever else you could squeeze in. You would not be getting the full impact, but it would still be fun and inspiring!
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