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Thread: Help Identifying a Meinl-Weston Tuba model

  1. Help Identifying a Meinl-Weston Tuba model

    I was cleaning out my attic when I came across this tuba. My mom said my uncle played it in high school in the early eighties. I've done some research but have had no luck in finding the model number which I'm curious about because it appears so old.
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    It's yellow brass with some silver trim, .708" bore, B flat key, about a 15" across bell, 34" height
    The bell reads "W. MEINL-WESTON A DIVISION of GETZEN" but no serial number

    Any help would be much appreciated
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    Wow, that is pretty beat up. Still a neat find in the attic. Wish I would come across something like that when cleaning the attic...
    I do believe there is a number visible on the middle valve casing, looks like P708? Could that not be the serial?

    Maybe a visit to is worth a shot. These guys know a lot about vintage instruments. It does look the same as the tuba in their database:

    No date or anything mentioned, unfortunately.

    On the Meinl-Weston site, the FAQ does help a little bit.

    It learns us two things:

    1. The (absence of a) logo may hint at the age:
    It wasn’t until the 1980’s when the Melton Logo received a new design – again employing the image of the Tuba. (the Tuba on the logo by the way is our model 25) and at the same time, a similar logo was created for Meinl-Weston to emphasize the same identity, although the brand names, marketing and logos were always used separately until the 1990’s. Instruments for Europe, Australia, Korea and Taiwan are engraved with Melton, instruments for the U.S. and Japan and several other countries are engraved with the Meinl-Weston name.
    2. It is at least from after the late 1960's:
    By the way – on some older instruments within the U.S., you might still find the sub-title “A Division of Getzen” under the Meinl-Weston engraving on the bell, and here is why: When the Getzen company took over the distribution of Meinl-Weston in the USA in the late 1960’s, they added that sub-title. Although the Wenzel Meinl GmbH was never a department of the Getzen company, (Meinl-Weston was merely one of the products which they distributed) the synergies and friendship between the two companies lasted throughout various owners of Getzen and continue still today.
    So, since there is no logo visible, the date of manufacturing should be somewhere between (late) 1960's and 1980's...

    As for the model number, a quick Google search led me to believe it is the Model 10. The info here narrows down the date to 1975 - 1986, wich corresponds with what your mother tells you.
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