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Thread: Besson Prestige 2052 does not fit SKB-375 "Universal" euphonium case

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    Besson Prestige 2052 does not fit SKB-375 "Universal" euphonium case

    I posted a separate thread looking for input on the SKB 375 euphonium case. I'm posting this topic as a separate thread in order to call clearer attention to the key point: apparently the Prestige 2052 does not fit this case. I see nothing defective in the case I bought, but my son's 2052 does not fit. The top and bottom bows do not both fit the recesses provided for them, so the horn rides too high in the lower half of case and the lid will not close without applying excessive force--perhaps not at all. I imagine the velour covering could be cut to expose what I imagine is a styrofoam insert, which could then be trimmed to allow the horn to fit. But since the case is brand new, I don't think we want to modify it at the risk of ruining it without ever getting a decent fit.

    I really have not examined the situation closely enough to get a good read on the details (my son was handling the horn, which is his). It's just clear that the horn does not fit. I've contacted both SKB and also the dealer from which I purchased the case (Music 123). Surprisingly to me, neither apparently has much of an idea of exactly which models fit the case and which do not. The SKB website lists only 4 horns that fit the case: Willson 2950, Anthem A-5000, and the Yamahas, 201 and 321. [Error correction: checking later, I see that the listed Yamahas are the 321 and the 642.] Their wording, though, is "The following products have been checked by an SKB Product Specialist and do fit in the Universal Euphonium Case." So the list is clearly not intended to be comprehensive; I'm just surprised that they don't list many more horns, since they're calling the case Universal. I'm sure that many more horns really do fit; for example, my Mack Brass 4-valve compensator fits fine.

    Music123 told me only that they checked the manufacturer's web site and "it does not appear that the Besson Prestige is listed as one of the products that will fit the case." So no help there. I've seen a good bit of discussion of this case on this site, and I don't recall anyone mentioning that some horns don't fit (I'm sure the Miraphone 5050 is too big, but I think that model is pretty well known as being oversized, so I can see how it would escape comment). I gather, then, that this case must be fine with quite a variety of horns.

    By the way, someone will probably ask whether I was trying to fit the Prestige into the case with its belly guard on. No, the belly guard was not on. Whether the mounting brackets for the belly guard are the problem is an interesting question that just now crosses my mind. As I mentioned above, my son was handling the horn and the case; I mostly watched, and handled it very little. He was in a hurry and won't be back with the horn until this weekend. At that point, I'll get a better read on details--if I can convince him to let me touch his horn. The fact that I allowed my horn to get a little dent has convinced him that it's not safe for me to touch his. :-) So I will post again in a few days with further information.

    Anyone interested in buying a brand new SKB 375 can check the for-sale listings.

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    I'm sorry that did not work out. it's not hard to understand SBK's position (i.e. not testing every single model), but it's a pain as the buyer.

    You're doing a nice service by documenting it all here for everyone - thank you!
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    Dave, I can certainly understand "not testing every single model," but, seriously, only 4 horns listed? I would think that a sound product-development process would have invested some money in testing a good variety of horns, designing the case to fit as many horns as possible, and then documenting on the web site a much larger range of horns it can accommodate. With so many people buying online, this kind of information would certainly enhance their sales. I can well imagine that developing separate foam inserts for odd-dimensioned horns might well not be cost effective (but perhaps the price could be higher for the smaller-quantity product?), but letting the public know more about the wider range of horns that the case does fit seems to me like only common sense. So, for example, if I were travelling by air with my Mack Brass, I might well look at their site and conclude that my horn probably won't fit their case. If I wrote them to check and got the same kind of reply that in fact I got when I inquired about the Prestige, I STILL would not know whether my horn would fit their case. I guess the local dealers would prefer it this way--OH! maybe that's the key here: perhaps SKB is setting up their customer-service approach to favor the brick-and-mortar dealer? I could certainly understand that approach to things; I'm definitely sympathetic to the interests of the local shop; we need them for the kinds of things that demand hands-on exposure to products prior to purchase. So maybe I just need to recalibrate my thinking. Information is worth money. If I want to save money by purchasing on eBay as I did, then I take a risk that my purchase will prove unwise due to inadequate information. If I want to know in advance that my purchase will be good, then I must get up off my wallet and pay the price at the local store where I can verify in advance--since I don't want to be one of those shady characters who leeches off the time and trouble of the local store and then goes out for the online purchase. Not that buying something online that I saw first in a store would always be bad business, but to go to the store for the express purpose of previewing something that I want to buy elsewhere cheaper starts to look ethically questionable to me. But then if I do pick up some things in the store while there so I'm leaving them something for their trouble, that overall configuration seems reasonable.

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    Error correction. I wrote that two Yamahas listed at the SKB website as fitting the 375 case are the 201 and the 321. I just noticed that the listed horns are the 321 and the 642. I've also edited the original erroneous post to supply this correction.

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    Looking again at the manufacturer's website, I see why I thought one of the listed horns was the Yamaha 201: one of the pictures of the case show it with a horn in it, and if that horn isn't a Yamaha 201, it's its twin. As a 3-valve horn, it certainly isn't any of the models listed. So I think this makes my point about some ineptitude on the part of SKB: they show their case containing a horn that they don't list as one of the models that fits. The website:

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    My son is home today with his horn, so I took a closer look at how it (mis)fits the case. We removed the screws in the mounts for the belly guard (which he does not use), and the case comes a little closer to closing. My impression is that the case actually would close without damaging the horn, but closing it would take a fair amount of pressure. Over time the foam insert would probably form to the shape of the horn. It's hard to tell precisely where the pressure points are, since the case is nearly closed when the contact occurs.

    There are definitely some significant dimensional differences between his Prestige and my Mack Brass. The one that seems most significant is that the font-to-back depth of the horn is at least 1/4" greater on his horn than on mine. His is 4-3/4" deep near the valve section, and I measure the case at somewhere near 4-1/2" deep. There is also a difference in the geometry of the top and bottom bows in relation to one another. When I place either bow into its recess naturally, the other does not fit naturally.

    So I don't think there's anything defective about the case; the Besson horn is just shaped differently enough that it doesn't fit. I feel certain that the case could be modified to fit by cutting the velour, trimming away some foam, and then reattaching the velour. But I don't think we will go this way and risk seriously degrading the resale value of the case in the event that we don't succeed.

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