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Thread: Logan Willis - Beautiful Colorado

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    I just bought a jellyfish stand for my tripod. It holds my phone correctly, and I can use my phone on my regular or mini tripod now with ease. That should help.
    I play a Wessex Prague
    aka “Pocket Kaiser”
    Stofer Geib Mouthpiece

    My Son plays
    Mack Brass Compensating Euphonium
    Wessex Dolce Compensating Euphonium
    Doug Elliott EUPH SN103, I, I9

  2. This is really great so far! I thought the second variation went especially well.

    The biggest thing that stood out to be was the rhythm at around the 4:20 mark. It's coming across as a triplet rhythm, and I don't believe it's written that way? (It's been a while since I played this, so I may be wrong!)

    You mentioned your son is trying to interpret this a little differently, so is this one of those spots? If so, that's probably OK, however, it needs to be the same both times he plays it. Right now, it almost sounds as if it's in 6/8 the first time, and than in 3/4 when he plays it slower on the repeat.

    Keep up the great work!

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