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Thread: Where can I purchase/play-test a Sterling Virtuoso Model Euphonium?

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    Where can I purchase/play-test a Sterling Virtuoso Model Euphonium?

    Hi guys and gals, I hope that this post is not a redundant one, but anyway here it goes: I am currently in search of an upgrade horn from my Besson Sovereign Euphonium. Although I love my sovereign, I think its time for us to part ways. I have tried a couple different brands, as a besson guy my first inclination is just to upgrade to the prestige immediately anyway because... well why not. But since I am not totally following my gut instinct, I am going to try out instruments from the other high end brands. I have been able to find places to try out most of the other brands like Wilson, Miraphone, Yamaha, Wessex Etc etc. The only brand I cant find anywhere is the Sterling Virtuoso. I cant even find their proper website on the internet... I think that they are updating it but I am not 100% sure. Anyway, I live in New Jersey, so preferably something east coast, but where can I try one of these horns out? I have heard a lot of good things about them, but again, still have been unable to confirm or deny what the internet and friends have told me.

    -thanks, Max
    Besson Sovereign Euphonium

  2. Sterling Distributor - USA

    Contact DF Music in the greater Chicago area.

    DF Music Inc.
    6417 N Leavitt St.
    Chicago, IL 60645
    Sterling Virtuoso 1065HGS & Adams E3 Prototype 0.70 Top Sprung valves
    Sterling Virtuoso 1050HGS baritone
    New England Brass Band
    Winchendon Winds/Townsend Military Band

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    DF Music is a good dealer. And note that they help sponsor this forum! (All sponsors here have a proven value to low brass players - we don't accept just anyone!)
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
    YouTube: dwerden
    Facebook: davewerden
    Twitter: davewerden
    Instagram: davewerdeneuphonium

  4. I've played a Bessons 967, Yamaha 642, Wessex Dolce, and Sterling Virtuoso throughout my playing life, and the Sterling has been my favorite by a decent margin. To me it has the total package of tone quality, intonation, slotting, and response -- plus it has a trigger. One of these days I'd like to try an Adams since I hear so many great things about them as well, but for now I'll happily play my Sterling.

    Sterling Virtuoso seem to be hard to come by, and I think Paul Riggett (the owner) only builds a select number on an annual basis. Good luck!

  5. I purchased a secondhand Virtuoso here on the forum a couple of years ago and absolutely love it. My only complaint is that it has the heavy bottom caps on all four valves, which seems a bit much (and creates a bit of strain). Still waiting for the regular caps I ordered to arrive....

  6. I also upgraded from Besson to the Sterling Virtuoso and never looked back, but as I no longer play, I'm looking to sell my horn. Please see my post in this forum and reply if you are interested -

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    ELEVEN! months ago I ordered and paid in full for a Sterling Virtuoso through DF Music on the recommendation of Algirdas Matonizz and still have not received the instrument. Not only that, DF Music cannot get any response from Mr. Paul Riggit in all these many months.

    Anyone know what’s going on with Sterling?

    You should think twice before doing business with Paul Riggit and Sterling.

  8. I do wonder what’s going on. I know my valve caps order is “small potatoes” but it has been 17 months for me.

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    FYI, I'm reaching out to Sterling/Paul via a different channel. It's possible there is an issue with the email normally used or something silly like that. Their FB page seems to be updated right along, and I saw a post about Paul being in transit very recently.

    Around 10 years ago, when I was a Sterling artist, I was emailing back & forth with Paul about some design ideas. I asked him if he was trying to send me a photo inline or as an attachment. He said he didn't know, and then said, "Dave, I pound brass for a living." So it's possible there is a techno-wall in the way right now.
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
    YouTube: dwerden
    Facebook: davewerden
    Twitter: davewerden
    Instagram: davewerdeneuphonium

  10. I had heard something about delays in silver/gold plating, and since mine is only a small parts order for which I have not paid in advance I’ve just been patiently waiting other than checking in with Richard at DF Music every few months. That said, if Dave has some sort of “inside track” given his previous longtime association with Sterling it would be good to find out what’s going on. I’m sure there is some reasonable explanation, though I would be frustrated, too, if I had paid in advance for a new horn 11 months back.

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