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Thread: Seeking used and unwanted euphonium practice mute

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    I don't often need a practice mute, so I don't feel the need to invest a lot of $ for one... Last weekend I could have used one, I hate stuffing pillows in the bell... That never works for me.

    If you have an euphonium practice mute you no longer want or need and would like to unburden yourself, give me a PM... I'll see if I can get the "boss" to extend my credit a little further...

    I prefer the yamaha, I have one for my tubas and it works great, but I'll consider others.


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    purchase pending

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    See this old thread re the Softone mute: This left things kind of unresolved about applicability to a euphonium, but what's worth of some consideration are the following possibilities:

    1. Get a bass trombone Solotone and modify it slightly (slight cut(s) and some elastic) to fit the euph.
    2. Don't bother stretching it over the entire bell, but just get it over most of it (for trombones, the Solotone is often used this way to achieve the effect of a bucket mute and often works quite will in this configuration).
    3. Make yourself (or have a friend who has a sewing machine) something that's like a Solotone but fits your bell.

    I carry a Soltone with me in my bass trombone equipment bag all the time, and rarely use it, but it's there in case I need it. I've tried it as a practice mute for the horn, and it seems to work quite well -- but I don't really need a practice mute. For the euph, it's a bit like technologically like stuffing cloth in the bell, but is probably better and more effective.
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    Purchase made... Thank you


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