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Thread: Where am I musically?

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    MBrown, this does sound nice. But it runs more than $100 for a single user. It really is meant to be used as part of a classroom, not by an individual hobby-ist looking to hone their skills like me. Unless someone in this group has access and a spare user license they can let me use.... (laugh)

    I did check into theory classes with Udemy and got in on a $11 per class deal. So I am working my way through that. A lot was review, but I am starting to run into new material. So I think that it has been informative and useful to me.

    hi again... used copies are available from ebay auctions at a cheaper cost. make sure they include the key (password) and the operating system on your computer. looking at it this morning, there are several part 2 versions available. you should do part 1 first, of course. there is a cheapie MSDOS version, if perchance you have, or know someone that still remembers MSDos and there's an older computer around.... that's probably not an option. i'm probably the only person around that still has computers going back to those days. i never throw anything out, i just fill up a storage building on the farm. i can't count the number of times i've needed parts for a computer repair and i take a couple of screwdrivers out there and find what i want.

    you might consider setting up an ebay search using the words music ace software and save it. you will receive an email from them when something is submitted for sale. patience will pay off in the long run...

    good luck with it, AND your playing. i meet adults all the time that tell me (after they find out i'm a band teacher) that they used to play and wish they'd never quit it. i offer to help, but they never do anything. i'm glad to see someone is... there are lots of community organizations that will be glad to have you once you can play a little. its fun and there's a lot of social activities associated. i've made some great friends through the ones i'm playing in.
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