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Thread: Sanders 3/4 CC 4U Tuba - Made in Austria (Cerveny Piggy)

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    Thumbs up Sanders 3/4 CC 4U Tuba - Made in Austria (Cerveny Piggy)

    TUBA, Sanders CC, 4 rotary valve, good condition, a few minor cosmetics, 1 small dent in bell. the lower bowguard and strap loop have been removed. Comes with backpack carrying case, nice Tuba World bag, but both zippers are broken.

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    NOTE to GeoMilkas (and all others):

    Please don't delete original listings once a horn is sold. Those can serve as a good reference for what the market is like.

    If you want to delete something like a phone number or email that you listed publicly, that is fine (and recommended, actually).
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