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Thread: FS: Mint 1 Month Old Wessex Dolce Gold Brass Bell

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    This is a mint brand new condition Wessex Dolce euphonium for sale with gold brass bell. It has no scratches, dings, or is in PERFECT condition. Also comes with the Wessex Dr. Young euphonium mouthpiece and hard case. This horn includes all of the latest Wessex upgrades, including New leadpipe floating like Besson and at ergonomically more comfortable angle, Soft stops on valves for quieter action, Stainless steel bell valve stems (instead of nickel plated brass) for greater strength, Enlarged valve cap apertures for faster valve action, Vented valves for smoother legato playing, Larger valve buttons, Button water key on 2nd valve slide for quick emptying, Extra strengthening plates in nickel - these remind me of the Willson premium euphs, Bell thickness increased from 0.6mm to 0.8mm brass for greater strength and sound projection, bell hardening, etc.

    Of all of these upgrades that Wessex has done, the most significant in my mind are the thicker bell, bell hardening, and the soft stops/valve dampeners. To my ear, the tone on this euphonium is the equal to some of the best euphoniums I've ever tried, including the Yamaha Neo, which is the one premium instrument that set the gold standard for tone quality IMHO. That isn't to say that it is the same as the Neo. Having a 12 inch bell, it produces a slightly larger tone than the Neo which is more compact...but it retains a very rich, singing sound. The other amazing thing is what Wessex has done with the valves, and I don't think I'm exaggerating by saying the valve action seems to be in line with the best of the German Bessons. Very fast action and QUIET! These are some of the best valves I've ever played on.

    Price is $1030 if you use standard Paypal, $1000 if you use checks or Paypal friends and family, or $950 if you live in the DC area with hand delivery by yours truly. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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    PM Sent. If you did not receive it, please PM me. Thanks

  3. Sale pending!

  4. Sold!


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