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Thread: quick horn rinse euphonium-lap-pad question

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    quick horn rinse euphonium-lap-pad question

    I like the idea and there is a good review from a credible player and I'm about to pull the trigger, BUT, one question remains and I've not seen an answer anywhere...

    Does this attach to the bottom of the instrument or to the lap? Or just sit on one's lap? I would kind of like something that I didn't have to worry about falling off my lap.... I have a yoga block with a large neoprene knee brace that wraps around the block and the bottom of the instrument that works pretty well, but it slides to the side sometimes and has to be adjusted... That's a little aggravating. I was hoping this would be more substantial.

    Does someone make anything like I want?

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    It does not attach to either the horn or the player. But, I suppose that it could be altered by putting a couple of cuts in the bottom of the black cover and running some type of velcro belt through it that wraps around your leg, or do the same to the top and attach the velcro loop to the instrument.

    I like being able to adjust it, though that might be due to slight OCD tendencies than through any real need to.

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    That's an idea, thank you....

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    As said, it does not attach, but the one side is finished with a fabric that is very tacky next to trousers fabric, and the other side is finished with a plastic that is very non-skid next to horn metal. My teacher tried mine, and he didn't like it, because he said it was too secure.
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    Bill Ricker with QHR does a nice job with his products. His Quick Horn Rinse works great. I've not tried his lap pillow.

    I use my own pillow stuffed with polyester filling. It's a felt cloth bag with a drawstring to close (makes it easy to add stuffing when needed). I used to have trouble dropping the pillow from time to time until I saw Lance LaDuke playing with the River City Brass Band some time ago. He laid his horn down facing to the left with his right hand while moving the pillow up his thigh with his left hand so it's under the bell... one smooth motion. I've been doing it this way now for a few years. The only problem is if there's a eupher to your left who lays his horn down facing right, you may bump bells. Since I'm the left-most in the section, it works out well.
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    I just bought one. Love it; has made a big difference for me--much more comfortable. I find that it does not slide around at all. The texture of the material and the weight of the horn I think hold it in place.


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    FYI, here's what I'm using. It's a 3/16" plywood board with waffle shelf lining on the underside and a 3/4" piece of closed cell foam on top. It's non-slip on the legs and for the bottom of the horn, and at the right height for me and the euph. Took maybe 20 minutes to make. Conveniently, it fits between the handle straps on top of my euph gig bag and so can be carried easily with the bag. I may or may not have designed it with this feature.

    Wonder if I could get $45 for this. That would be a HUGE profit. And I could outsource the manufacturing (keeping control of quality, of course).

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  8. I'm a big fan of Bill's lap pad. You certainly could make something similar yourself for less cost, but I think it's worth the money for the fact that it does the job as well as possible - the materials are really well thought out and I've yet to find trousers or instruments that slip. Also, while not meaning to detract from Gary's home made effort, the lap pad is a neat and unobtrusive bit of kit.
    Well worth the investment, especially for players who are taller than average or have long torso's in relation to legs. The mouthpipe heights on uncustomised instruments are at best an average, and the back is less tolerant to abuse with age.

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    I agree with all the compliments above. My QHR lap pad is in place every time I play sitting down...period! It is light, so I can tote it in my music bag easily. Stays in place; adjustable; water drops don't affect it; and I can toss it on my stand when I need to stand up, knowing it will stay there (vs. the towel roll I used to have that would usually fall off).
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    Thank you, I'll look that up...


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