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Thread: Brilliant Brass - shared concert with Orchid City BB

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    Brilliant Brass - shared concert with Orchid City BB

    In a recent thread about Brass Bands in the US, I mentioned the "Symphonic Band of the Palm Beaches" was planning to share our next concert with "Orchid City Brass Band". Our shared concert is the next two Saturdays (Dec 2nd and Dec 9th) at Duncan Theatre, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth, FL then the following Saturday at Eissey Campus Theatre in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. "Orchid City Brass Band" is leading off with their holiday program. Then after intermission we take the stage for our portion the holiday concert. The plan is to play the final two pieces, "Christmas Festival" and "Sleigh Ride" (both by Leroy Anderson) together. I think it may be a bit crowded on stage but we'll work it out. The two bands have cuts for places to drop out and come back in for the audience to hear the differences between the two bands. I think this is a good plan since the two arrangements may differ some... but in the same key.

    If interested, you can check out at the evening's program here:

    If you're on Facebook you can see the announcement for this exciting venue here:
    If you would please 'like us' so we can help get the word out on these two excellent bands.

    Note: The low brass (euph - baritone) from right to left on euphonium is Carlyle Weber (US Army Field Band, retired after 23 yrs), Sarah Shearon-Smith, (local band director). On baritone is Michael O'Connor (Professor of Musicology Palm Beach Atlantic Univ.), Manny Comacho (local band director).
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    That sounds like great fun, Rick! (For both players and listeners.)

    The Coast Guard Band did a joint concert with the New York Staff Band of the Salvation Army, and I remember that was really enjoyable for us, too.
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    That sounds great Rick, have played those pieces in our brass band, enjoy, wish I were closer, would love to hear.


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