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Thread: Christmas music for *very* beginner

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    Christmas music for *very* beginner

    I just a couple weeks ago started playing euphonium, after a 30-year hiatus following 12 years on the tuba, always just a hobby/amateur player. I think I'm doing OK so far but obviously still quite rusty. I'm looking for two types of Christmas music, appropriate for a beginner:

    1. solo euphonium
    2. euphonium & trumpet duet (my daughter plays trumpet--and much better than I do!)

    Any recommendations for books?


    --Chris Ryan

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    In my book 60 Christmas Hymns for the Solo Performer, each arrangement begins with a simple statement of the song, then either changes key and/or has variations which are a little more difficult.

    My Christmas music for mixed duets are a bit on the advanced intermediate side, but I could arrange a beginner version for the two of you. List me your favorites and I can get right to work.

    If you were to add a trombone friend to your duet...

    For the past couple of years, I've received an email from the same person (euphonium player) asking for an arrangement for his ten (now twelve) year old son, who plays trumpet, and his father, who plays trombone. This became Four Carols for Mixed Trio and Four Christmas Trios. All are available via download at Sheetmusic Plus or via hard copy at Amazon. Just search those titles.


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    Ken-- I was away from the forum for a bit. I sent you a private message. Thanks.


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    Pmed you back. Sorry for the late reply.


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