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Thread: Why Do We Make Fun of Saxophone Players

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    Reeds aren't it.

    Quote Originally Posted by highpitch View Post
    Why? It's the organic nature of their little noisemakers...reeds.
    The reeds aren't it. Out in the musical instrument supply marketplace, there are artificial reeds for saxophones and all manner of woodwind instruments. They are made out of nylon or other plastic-y material. And then they have the same arguments we do over whether the material the "reed" (mouthpiece) is made out of makes a difference in the sound. HA!

    (laughing at all of us musician types)

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    honestly the only thing I make fun of sax players for is the technical sensitivity of their instrument; once one little spring is gone or out of place, or a rod is sliiiightly bent, and a quarter or more of all of their keys and pads in the system are just... useless. And maintenance is hell as well. Take a brass instrument with piston valves and not a terrible lot can go wrong in that aspect, compared to saxophones. Saxophones are just so delicate to handle, it's insane.
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    I love the sexaphone playing.

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    I'd love to see a sex-a-phone...

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    At one of my recent rehearsals, I overheard a older fellow, telling some high school aged girls that they should join a sex farm. What he was actually telling them was to join a sax forum. Maybe I should get my hearing checked.
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