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Thread: Polishing & buffing the nooks and crannies

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    Polishing & buffing the nooks and crannies


    I have a Besson 3-valve compensating baritone which means it has tubes running everywhere since all that plumbing must be packed into a tight space. So there are lots of nooks and crannies which are hard to reach to polish and then buff out.

    I can get polish on the spaces between and under tubes using Hagerty’s pump spray, but I cannot get a soft rag into the spots for buffing and removing the dried polish. Anyone have any ideas or products they can recommend to buff out those hard to reach surfaces?

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    Yes the valve cluster and close tubing areas are hard to polish. I use Hagerty's spray polish and then thin strips of tee shirt material to 'rag' off the polish. It's a bit time consuming but works well. One caution is to remove watch and rings (even wedding ring) before doing this. To get the strips of cloth started I use a nylon screw driver or a piece of nylon cable tie.
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    Perhaps shoe laces might help. They come in several thicknesses and one size or other might just do the trick (and the plastic ends will help get it through the loop).
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    Look for wicks for oil lamps. They are thin, tough and you can grab each end and pull it back and forth to polish the tight spots.
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  5. All the above. And for crevices, Q-tips.


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